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Dr. Charles White | Dentist in Santa Vista CACharles W. White has owned a single practitioner dental practice in Vista Ca. since his graduation from USC Dental School.  His technique is completely modern and up to date, yet the patient/doctor relationship is completely Old School.   His open, friendly style helps you to relax while he helps you maintain your dental health and reach your goals for your smile.  The experienced and friendly staff takes great pride in listening to your concerns  and goals for your smile and working with you.  The staff promise to you is that the veneers, fillings, crowns and any other dental work done will be of the highest quality.  Over the years we have earned the trust of many patients, and work hard to maintain that trust.

A lifelong resident of Southern California, Dr. White grew up as the youngest of 5 sons.  He was raised with solid Midwestern ethics of honesty, hard work and respect with a strong dose of his mother’s Texas friendliness and sense of humor.  After his graduation from Crescenta Valley High, he attended Glendale College where he was president of the pre-dental club and a teaching assistant in the dental lab. He then earned his Bachelors degree at UCLA, then moved across town to USC Dental School to earn his DDS.  He and his wife selected North San Diego County as the place they wanted to set up his practice and raise their family.  He takes great pride in seeing young patients now whose parents and grandparents continue to see us from his first days in Vista.  This is a true Family Practice.

As patients have come to realize, giving patients personal attention is a top priority here, starting at the first phone call.  The front desk is usually occupied by Dr. White’s college sweetheart, Cathie.  She will  walk you through the  various processes of treatment, insurance and payments.   Where Dr. White sets the standard with his skill and personality, the friendly and helpful approach begins with Cathie and extends through the entire staff.  This genuine caring approach cannot be taught and the staff consists of people selected to follow the caring philosophy of ethical patient relationships.

What you will feel in Dr. White’s practice

  • Honesty
  • Ethical treatment
  • Respect

Ways we work with patients:

  • We offer second opinion appointments at no charge
  • There is no staff agenda, incentive plan or bonus based on production.  Products are not sold at the office for profit.
  • We take great pride in our relaxed atmosphere and take time with patients to help them relax.
  • A careful explanation of treatment options is presented by Dr. White with pros and cons of each option and his recommendation.
  • Dr. White is a natural teacher and engineer.  He patiently shares his knowledge with patients, empowering them to take an active part in the decision making process.

In his career, Dr. White has evaluated many different treatment and technological advances for his practice. There is a constant supply of new materials and techniques, instruments and technologies. He carefully selects, studies, and incorporates the advancements that he believes will be beneficial to his patients.  His interest in and enthusiasm for advances keep the practice fresh and moving forward, and studying the latest techniques also gives him valuable connections to leading-edge professionals and practitioners.


Chuck and Cathie truly embrace the life they’ve chosen to live in North County.  They continue to maintain a close relationship with their four daughters and their families, who all live locally.  Outdoor activities remain their primary entertainment, as well as travel, and they particularly enjoy experiencing National

Parks and being in Mother Nature’s grandeur.  Since they work together, time spent apart is important on the weekends!  Chuck enjoys playing golf while Cathie loves spending time with her Friesian mare, Alie. When it comes to family time, however, both put their individual hobbies to the side and make time for the relationships that matter most to them.


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