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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist Vista CA


There are many options to make your smile beautiful with minimal or no discomfort and at a reasonable price. It is a fact that smiling makes you happier and spreads joy to anyone you encounter. Dr. White is here to help you look and feel great through a variety of cosmetic dentistry options:

  • Whitening
  • Smile Design
  • Re contouring of the shape of the teeth
  • Veneers
  • Bonding
  • Ceramic/Porcelain Crowns


Veneers are a dental procedure in which a covering is placed over the outside (visible area) of the tooth. Veneers are usually only done to the part of the teeth that are visible when talking or smiling.


Invisalign straightens your teeth with a series of clear, virtually invisible custom-molded aligners. By using a series of clear, removable aligners, Invisalign your teeth will move into straighter position step by step, until you have a more beautiful smile. And unlike braces, these clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth as usual.

Dr. Charles White is happy to educate you on your options for all cosmetic dentist procedures.  We often hear patients happily exclaim that they don’t know why they waited so long to begin treatment and are delighted by the results.  Contact Dr. White today to begin the process of a whiter brighter smile.

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